Ethiopia has kept arresting Journalists in the country

TigrayAcademyNews | April 17/2023

Journalists were allowed more time for investigation and were arrested. “It is unacceptable by any measure,” the Ethiopian Media Council criticized the charges brought against journalists who were arrested in connection with their work. The council asked to look into the judicial system “only through media proclamations”. Arrested journalists were allowed to be detained “like any other defendant” and the council criticized this as “unacceptable by any measure”. The council mentioned regarding the recent arrests of journalists and their court proceedings, today, Monday, April 17; 2023 in a statement. The Council in the same statement announced that it had noticed that journalists working in various mass media were frequently “arrested and kidnapped without due process of law” and that “papers were searched without court warrants” at the institutions where they worked. These journalists who are suspected of a crime allegedly committed through the media; The council also stated that those who are being arrested by the police and brought to court are not based on the media’s proclamation. This act also “does not allow professionals to do their work freely; The council also mentioned in today’s statement that it is making them feel ashamed and the press environment is more wary.

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