#BreakingNews – Meskerem Abera’s arrested for the third time

#TigrayAcademyNews | April 10/2023
Meskerem Abera’s husband, Ato Gebre Michael, told “Ethiopia Insider” that she was arrested by the federal police on Sunday evening, April 1. Meskerem Abera, the founder and owner of the YouTube media called “Ethio Nqat” is an Amhara activist. Today is the third time that Meskerem Abera has been arrested within a year.
Meskerem, who is better known for her political conspiracy on her own and in other media, was arrested from her home in Addis Ababa’s Goro area by about 10 members of the federal police. Before her arrest, her husband said there was an “Inspection” at their home that lasted about 50 minutes.
Civil and Federal Police Forestry

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