Registration for Tigray Academy Award is Now Open

Tigray Academy | Announcement | April 27/2023

About Tigray Academy

Tigray Academy is an online academy dedicated to teaching the youth about the history and ancient civilization of Tigray. At Tigray Academy, we produce daily news, publish articles, document files related to Tigray Genocide, and art galleries related to Tigray. We also produce lectures related to the history, languages, and ancient civilizations of the holy land, Tigray, and science and technology.

Tigray Academy Award

The Tigray Academy Award aims to create a generation of young changers skilled in innovation and modern technology. Tigray needs a young, skilled, and innovative generation to get it out of its current misery and become a tower of civilization like its history. Therefore, the Tigray Academy has started to play its part by encouraging young people and researchers with special creative abilities. Although we need everyone’s support to continue this good activity, we call upon the investors and the business community of Tigray to do their part by sponsoring this. Tigray Academy Award is an annual award, so we call on everyone to do their part to ensure its sustainability.

Tigray Academy Award areas of interest

  1. Food security: innovations in modernizing Tigrays backward food production means using materials easily available and scalable. E.g: one ox/horse/mule ploughs, harvesting technologies, etc.
  2. Water resources: innovations in improving quality water supply for drinking and farming
  3. Culture: preservation of cultural heritage in music, story telling, writing, artifacts, etc

The first Tigray Academy Award will be on food security. It will be awarded on the 16th of December 2023. It should be known that this day was chosen to commemorate the great historian and teacher, Gebrekidan Desta. Memhir Gebrekidan Desta was a great historian who did everything possible for the people of Tigray to know their history, identify of their enemies, and cross over to prosperity. Therefore, this award was chosen to be given on his day, to give the respect he deserves and to let the next generation know their story and return to our old civilization.

Who Sponsors It?

Tigray Academy Award for food security will be sponsored by Drs. Semhal Abbay and Mulugeta Zerabruk Fissha.

About the award

The award has three ranks. The orders of the awards are as follows:

  1. First Level Award – 100,000 ETB and a Gold medal
  2. Second Level Award – 75,000 ETB and a Silver Medal
  3. Third Level Award – 50,000 ETB and a Bronze Medal

Who should enter the award?

A Tigrayan technocrat, scientist (both junior and senior), and university and college students who are dedicated to solving the problems of food security. The technology can be an original innovation in which case Tigray Academy will help with patent registration and legal fees or existing technologies suitable for the current state of Tigray taking into account a possibility of another siege or war. In general, the award program is open to all entrants, who have excelled in their organization industry or in their private efforts. Nominations are possible and will help showcase the excellent work of the potential entrants and will extend their influence beyond their own networks. As a result, Tigray will get the benefit of being transformed into the dreamed stages of development.

How it’s awarded

The judges will pay particular attention to:

  • Novelty and the innovative part of the project
  • Its contribution to the reconstruction and development of Tigray.
  • Sustainability of the results 

Registration Form

Note1: Tigray Academy will not cover any associated costs of the project. Applicants should find their own sponsors to accomplish their work.

2 responses to “Registration for Tigray Academy Award is Now Open”

  1. Note1: Tigray Academy will not cover any associated costs of the project. Applicants should find their own sponsors to accomplish their work.

    This is the main reason our socieslty wasn’t able to improve, coz if the intellectual person had the financial help then why care for this,they would’ve made their way to the top already.

  2. Simone Haileslassie Avatar
    Simone Haileslassie

    This concept note may includes above ten separated focus of researches but if done in one and at ground level, surely vital to us to solve the administration headache disturbing our people. I don’t believe that any leader from Tigray can solve the mountain sized problems but have to close the door for who burning it as much as possible.

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