Love the state of being

Tigray Academy | June 22/2023

Love is not an emotion or a spirit but the basic foundation of our existence.Love is the foundation of nature and the universe itself.

Love is not limited to romantic relationships, but is experienced in all aspects of life. When we are in a state of love we are more open : receptive and easily connect and relate to our environment and nature and then we marvel, contemplate and enjoy the wonders of the universe. Love is a state of being when we are in harmony with ourselves , others and nature.

Self-love and self-acceptance are the basis for experiencing love in all aspects of life. If people develop a sense of love and compassion towards themselves , it will then naturally spread to other people and the nature around them.

Love is also the highest quality of consciousness where we know we are fully present and awake in the moment. It is not something you can grasp or possess, but a flow of energy or Energy that moves through us and connects us to the rest of nature and the world around us.

In general, recognizing love as a fundamental aspect of our existence and seeing us feel a sense of love and compassion for ourselves, others, and the world around us is the highest consciousness of nature.

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