10 benefits of drinking lemon water regularly

Tigray Academy | June 18/2023

If you squeeze lemon in warm water and drink it regularly, you will get these 10 health benefits:

1. Cleanses your liver of toxins. If we drink not only the lemon juice (liquid) but also the lemon peel in warm water, Step 2 will do the liver detoxification function.

2. It helps your body digest fatty foods by encouraging your liver to produce bile.

3. Lemon has high antioxidant properties, so it protects our cells from being destroyed.

4. The anti-oxidants and phytochemicals in lemon help regenerate liver cells.

5. The citric acid in lemon speeds up digestion and dissolves kidney stones.

6. Lemon is acidic outside the body and alkaline inside the body, so it helps to balance the pH level inside the body and also prevents disease.

7. The high amount of vitamin C in lemons helps us to have a strong natural immunity.

8. Lemon helps prevent the formation of gall stones in our body by breaking down blood lipids.

9. Lemon contains high levels of vitamin C, thus reducing the amount of uric acid in people with gout and osteoporosis.

10. Prevents arthritis.

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